Editing Services

April 2018

“I sought out Christine to copy edit my picture book. Not only did she do the copy editing, she also pointed out major flaws in my manuscript. We took a step back and went through redevelopment of my story. I kept thinking, ‘Why didn't I hire her in the first place?’ I have grown tremendously as a writer with her guidance. She does not hesitate to provide resources that she feels are beneficial. Best of all I get very objective feedback every time. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised and couldn’t have found a better champion for this series.” —Christine, Chicago

October 2017

“I sought unbiased, unfiltered, "kick in the gut" feedback on my manuscript. Mike Robinson and Christine gave me what I asked for, and it has made all the difference. Their thoroughness, timeliness, and candidness were better than expected, and I expected a lot. Thank you, Mike and Christine!” —Copernicus Paul,
San Diego, California

May 2017

"Thorough editing with attention to both structure and general copy editing, Christine is a true professional. She turns around revisions in a timely manner and will go the extra mile to crowdsource additional information. Having also had the pleasure of working with Mike Robinson on the Write for Success team, I can attest that quality of service is upheld by other staff as well. Highly recommend them for your next revision!" —Angela, Los Angeles, California

March 2016

“My experience working with Christine Van Zandt, at Write for Success was exceptional, and I would definitely use their services again for editing my next children’s picture book. Thank you for your time and patience.” —Karen, Massachusetts

October 2015

"During the process of writing and publishing four novels, I've worked with editors in the U.K. and from coast to coast in the United States. The editing services I've received from Christine Van Zandt and Michael Biehl at write-for-success.com are outstanding. As far as editors go, I'd rate Christine and Michael a 10 out of 10." —Frederic Perrin, Canada

May 2015

"Hollywood is a town overflowing with writers and editors. Over the last 23 years, I have hired many for my nonfiction projects and found they will say anything to get the job but no one really wants to do the work. When they finally start to work, they act like they are doing you a favor and do just enough to get paid.

"Then I met Christine. She is, by far, the most professional, knowledgeable and conscientious I have ever met. I thought she was too good to be true until we started working together. I have been with her ever since." —David, Los Angeles, California
April 2015

"Christine Van Zandt takes a professional, painstaking and personal approach to every project. She catches everything you don’t see, like when you overuse alliteration." —J.T. Roper, Los Angeles, California

January 2015

“I hired Christine to line edit my first novel Wall of Trust after it had already been on the market a few months as well as do a full developmental edit on my second novel The Perfect Wave. Christine was professional, met all deadlines and extremely thorough. She caught mistakes my first editor had made and we were able to re-launch the novel in a form I could be proud of. Christine not only took the time to edit my novels, she continuously taught me how to be a better writer. I will always be grateful to her for the knowledge she passed along. In a world of Indie-publishing and freelance editors on the rise, Christine is one you can trust to get the job done correctly and efficiently.” —Erin, Los Angeles, California
November 2014

“Being a first time writer, there were a lot things I was having difficulty with, and I struggled to find the right resources to help with my writing. After sorting through many types of resources and people, I found Christine and she has been a help for me in a lot of different ways. She helped me with things I did not even know existed.

"She even found the perfect beta reader for my memoir. She makes suggestions, provides information and most of all gives support. If you are looking for someone who is competent, professional and who takes a real interest in you, you have come to the right place.” —Sharron, Las Vegas, Nevada

October 2014

"Immediately upon meeting Christine, I liked her. As a new writer, I felt she would give my novel the attention I needed. Christine delivered that attention, pointing out inconsistencies in my story line and suggesting ways I could tighten up my novel. She communicated with me often during the process, keeping me abreast of her progress and making suggestions as to what I should do next to begin promoting my novel. Very importantly, my edited manuscript, along with a detailed summary of the edit, was delivered on schedule.

"I can’t praise Christine’s professionalism and understanding of the worded images I aimed to convey, enough."

—Alethea, Los Angeles, California

June 2014

"Christine was remarkably fast, stupendously thorough, and, above all else, caring of my work and the story line. She not only made the corrections, but found problems within my novel that I failed to recognize, even going so far as to make detailed suggestions. She was exactly what I was looking for in an independent editor. I know I will use her services again in the future and recommend them and her to my author friends." —Rob, San Francisco, California
April 2014

"Write for Success is an amazing resource, I worked directly with Christine Van Zandt and after the first draft of my paranormal coming of age novel I was hooked, she made my English superior to what it really is through small but meaningful changes. Christine asked all the questions a writer wants to hear and encouraged me to expand the story in the right places. We have formed a relationship and I always look forward to her emails on advice and ideas even after the initial editing was done. I know my next drafts, and my next books will go through her."  —Jose, Los Angeles, California

February 2014

“I work with Christine on an ongoing basis for my book-length memoir, my novel (thriller), and my fiction short stories (sci-fi and other genres). She is flawless in correcting my grammar and questionable words, providing the necessary proof reading and copy editing. She has an excellent sense for the flow and drama of scenes and makes exceptional suggestions for improving them with creative developmental and substantive line editing.

"Often she illustrates her advice with sample rewrites that I shamelessly cut and paste into my manuscript. Christine is personable and funny and prompt, a pleasure to deal with. She is a champion of the writers she works with, I recommend her services to any author seeking commercial success." —Jon, Los Angeles, California

January 2014

"Working with Christine continues to be a rewarding experience. Her professional and sharp eye for copy editing, along with her insightful developmental editing, is helping to move my children's picture book series in a fruitful direction. Christine inspires me to write, to think and to enjoy the process of creating stories.  A gifted editor!" —Kelly, Pasadena, California

December 2013

"I feel very fortunate to have had Christine read my work. She not only does the expected, but the unexpected. Of course she corrects grammar, but she also takes in the scope of your work and gives definitive suggestions as to how to make it more powerful. The developmental editing that she did on my memoir clarified both the problems and solutions. She doesn't go through the work by rote. She catches mistakes you haven't caught, haven't even thought about! In addition to my memoir, she has worked with me on my fiction and non-fiction short stories, suggesting areas where I could add depth to the pieces, making the stories richer and more interesting. 

"Lastly, she notes where what you're doing is good and why. I have hired her numerous times and would do so again in a minute. Christine will not stop until you produce your absolute best work. You will be astonished to see the degree of improvement your writing will take under her tutelage." —Lynn, Long Beach, California

May 2013

"Christine is a true wordsmith. She will not only catch your mistakes, but will give you insightful feedback on your entire piece. We have worked together for over ten years and I highly recommend her ability to critique your work. I also used her to review my website."  —Chris, Concord, California

January 2013

"Christine knows what she's doing. She's shrewd, conscientious, and can successfully traverse the literary country from high criticism to sophisticated erotica. If you are looking for a writing guide, you can trust Christine to lead you safely and happily to where you want to go." —Mike, San Francisco, California

October 2012

"Christine is quick and precise. I’m an editor of a monthly newsletter for a small non-profit organization and Christine has been proofreading our newsletters for nearly a year. She has a real talent for catching grammatical, formatting, and typographical errors. I also appreciate her feedback on my writing style. You can count on Christine to consider even the finest details of your work." —Vanessa, Los Angeles, California

April 2012

"I've had the pleasure to work with Christine who is an excellent reviewer. She is extremely precise and responds quickly. Not only she corrects the basic spelling, grammatical errors, she also will offer her input that helps communicate my thoughts clearer. I would highly recommend having her to review your work. And will definitely be working with her again myself."  —Ann, Brooklyn, New York