Editing Services

Christine Van Zandt

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- Contact info: Christine@Write-for-Success.com; Twitter @ChristineVZ.
- Member of EFA, SCBWI, listed in the LMP, and the 2015-2016 co-editor of SCBWI's Kite Tales  publication. Children's book reviewer for Good Reads with Ronna.

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Christine founded Write for Success in 2009 and has helped more than 350 authors achieve their goals. An estimated 1.5 million books were published in 2013 (source: Bowker) and that was a significant decline from the 2.4 million published in 2012! In this high-volume environment where trends fluctuate, Christine understands the marketplace and the industry's requirements for successful self-publication and traditional publication.

She has handled all aspects of the process from ghostwriting and co-writing to substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Her skills include writing a query letter that will get noticed, polishing the first twenty-five pages of a submission, as well as helping self-publishing authors with their all-important cover image and jacket language, online book synopsis, and author bio. As an active editor in Hollywood, she is on top of the market trends and able to assist each client's unique path to publication. Christine speaks and teaches throughout the year in the Los Angeles area.  

As a writer, she has been traditionally published across the genres. She also has a legal and technical writing background, having spent more than twenty years working in the health care industry. From 2010-2012, she was the monthly newsletter editor and contributing writer for an international parenting organization. Her skills combine to give her great breadth and depth as an editor whose experience and attention to detail continues to serve clients who are seeking publication. Christine has an M.A. in English. She handles adult and children's books (picture book, middle grade, young adult, and new adult).


Mike Robinson


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An avid writer since age seven, Mike Robinson began selling his work at age nineteen, placing various speculative fiction stories in small-to-medium circulation magazines, anthologies, e-zines, and podcasts. After a decade of drafts, of weathering a nonstop storm of words and ideas, he sold his first novel, and has since traditionally published seven novels and one collection of short stories.

He has been a freelance editor for five years, and is managing editor of Literary Landscapes, the official magazine of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, of which he is a charter member.

A Big Picture kind of person, he specializes in manuscript critiques. He is represented by the Azantian Literary Agency.

Areas of expertise:                                                                                                                       
- Manuscript preparation, coaching, and manuscript critique

- Adult fiction and nonfiction; In children's: middle grade, young adult, and new adult

Patricia Fox


Patricia studied screenwriting at the University of Minnesota under Tom Pope (The Lords of Discipline and Bad Boys with Will Smith). She has a minor in film history and film criticism in addition to her creative writing degree. She wrote film reviews for Film Slate Magazine and has written thirteen screenplays, some of which have been finalists, quarterfinalists, or semifinalists in national screenwriting competitions such as Page International, Austin Film Festival, and Bluecat Fellini Screenwriting. She has also had the opportunity to study with Michael Hauge and Robert McKee. She wrote coverage for Abbot Management and gave development notes on numerous projects to an independent producer in the Bay Area.

Areas of expertise:
 - Screenplay and film history

 - Short story and memoir

 - Eastern religions including Buddhism and Taoism (Daoism)

Congratulations to our editor, Patricia Fox, screenwriter extraordinaire! Her screenplay Anatomy of a Town won the Minnesota Screenwriters' Annual Screenplay Contest. Professional actors performed a staged reading of it in Minneapolis.

Michael Biehl


Michael has wide-ranging interests and experiences. Currently a teacher in San Francisco, California, he is also a published writer, writing tutor, and seasoned editor. For the past ten years he has taught general and business English to advanced ESL students.

He has published poetry in more than three dozen literary journals in the US and Canada, and his opinion pieces appear frequently in San Francisco's leading newspapers. He has over twenty-five years experience with technical and legal writing with pension plans and collective bargaining agreements. His M.A. is in English literature.

He is a passionate reader of contemporary poetry, fiction, and essays. For fun he enjoys studying Latin grammar.

Areas of expertise: 

 - Adult fiction and nonfiction; In children's: young adult and new adult

 - Poetry

 - Academic writing

 - Help for writers in English as a second language